Renegade Swedish Scientist Invents
An Anabolic Cycling Method That
Adds 5-6 Pounds Of Muscle In Just 14-Days!

Friday July 19, 2024

By: Mike Westerdal
Personal Trainer, Powerlifter, Best Selling Fitness Author
and former skinny hard gainer that struggled for years gaining muscle

Have you ever wondered how some guys you know have such an easy time putting on muscle mass? And they can add this new size in just a matter of weeks without putting on any bulking fat in the process?

If so, I’d like to show you how.

But first, I’d like to share with you 4 Huge Mass Building Secrets I’ve stumbled upon that will help you pack on clean muscle fast….secrets that have taken me many years to figure out with the help of my good friend Dennis Weis and a renegade Swedish scientist that I’ll tell you more about later on.

You’ll need to pay very close attention though because these 4 Insider Tips could be the difference between getting the body of your dreams, or continuing the battle against hard gainer genetics that make it extremely difficult to put on solid muscle.

Mass Building Secret #1

Following The Traditional “Bulking Diet”
For 3 Months Is Plain Ol' Dumb!

Look, the fact IS that you are going to have to eat some hefty amounts of food if you want to gain mass.

The double edge sword of the “Bulking Diet” is that you need it to gain mass, but it ultimately causes you to accumulate a layer of nasty fat too.

Not to mention the fact you’re ashamed to take your shirt off around people that have never heard of “bulking up”. As if adding this layer of fat just to gain some new muscle wasn’t bad enough it’s just not healthy and can lead to problems like “insulin resistance”.

The absolute worst part about following a “bulking diet” is the fact that eventually you have to cut that layer of fat and will probably cannibalise and lose a majority of the muscle you fought so hard for.

But did you know that “cycling” your bulking diets in 14 day intervals causes you to ONLY take advantage of the muscle building benefits of the diet WITHOUT the fat gain?

More on this in secret #2. (below)

Mass Building Secret #2

After 14 Days Of Your Mass Gaining Program,
You'll Begin Accumulating A Layer Of Body Fat!

When calories are increased dramatically during a 14 day window of extreme (anabolic) overfeeding it stimulates the body’s natural production of anabolic hormones (testosterone, growth hormone, insulin and IGF1-levels), which leads to awesome muscle mass growth and wildly increased strength when coupled with extreme workouts and infinite cardio.

At the peak of the anabolic hormonal spike maximum muscle cell hydration loading occurs with an intake of fluids, glycogen and amino acids.

Around day 14 the anabolic hormone spike adapts to the imposed demands of overfeeding of macronutrients (carbs, pro and fat) and training and as a result output fades and stabilizes at a very high level.

Now here is the interesting part. A recent discovery in Sweden by an eccentric scientist named Dr. Akerfeldt found that a secondary hormonal spike could be initiated not by another 14 day dose of extreme (anabolic) overfeeding but rather a very precise continuous 14 days of extreme (anti-catabolic) underfeeding (8-10 calories per pound of bodyweight daily).

Mass Building Secret #3

I Your Nutrient Timing Is Wrong, You'll NEVER Build Muscle
Without The Layer Of Fat

Like my friend Dennis explained to me above… we’ve got to rotate our high calorie (over feeding) phases and our low calorie (under feeding) phases with PRECISION timing. If we miscalculate anything we can destroy the natural anabolic cycle and end up gaining too much fat.

This is where I personally went wrong for several years, costing me tons of lost time and embarrassment.

Like most guys trying to gain mass, I ate pretty clean and made sure I got enough calories BUT I was eating at the wrong times.

This part of the equation is SO important that if you screw this up you can forget about EVER building a lean, massive, muscular body that demands respect and attention.

Mass Building Secret #4

Building Quality, Fat-Free Muscle CAN Actually Be Easy!
(If You Know How)

Before we go any further I’d like you to meet a bodybuilder and trainer that I wish I had met 15 years before I did.

This simple method for building muscle mass rapidly, that my friend jotted down on a napkin over lunch one day, could have saved me years of pain-staking agony!

Lucky for you that I caught up with him shortly after playing college football and he offered to share his Mass Cycling method, invented by an eccentric Swedish doctor, with me and he also gave me permission to share it with YOU!

The Big “Ah Ha” That Changed Everything…

Shortly after graduating college my teammate Mark and I were given the opportunity to get paid playing American football back in Sweden for a season. This was especially exciting to me because I was the first generation born and raised in the USA so I was anxious to reconnect with some relatives during my stay.

I immediately quit my job at a nutrition software company and made plans to head overseas.

One night I was doing some reading on the forum at the team Web site and I heard some of the guys talking about this team located in Uppsala. This was going to be the farthest road trip of the year to an area that was very isolated in the northern frozen tundra region of Sweden.

But what really caught my attention was that many of the Swedes were giving a lot of respect to the players from Uppsala. Apparently the studs on this team were “jacked beyond belief” and had been experimenting with an extreme mass building system developed by Dr. Akerfeldet at Uppsala University in Sweden.

This mad scientist (in endocrinology, physiology, pharmacology and nutrition) as they were calling him, wasn’t just a book worm. He was also a real world bodybuilder , standing 6’1 at 225 lbs with 8% body fat.

The players from Uppsala were taking advantage of this Anabolic Cycling Method to bulk up their team.

I was bit concerned for my teammate Mark. As a running back he was undersized weighing in at just barely 170 lbs soaking wet so I wanted to make sure we put some pure muscle mass on his frame before playing this team (for his own protection).

But first I had to learn more about this new mass gaining system, so I called my good friend Dennis B. Weis. Dennis has read practically every single bodybuilding book, video and program ever created. He’s been a journalist and author for over 34-years so I knew he’d be able to give me the scoop.

Dennis explained to me that he had heard of this method. The he wrote it down on a napkin for me (picture above).

I was super excited to try it out on my friend Mark!

While we were in Sweden, I trained Mark and helped him watch his diet closely. In a matter of three short months Mark gained 20 lbs of solid muscle mass. We did this by increasing calories drastically for a 14-day periods followed by a 14-day (anti-catabolic) underfeeding periods.

By the time we played Uppsala toward the end of the season Mark was popping out of his uniform weighing in at 190 lbs of rock solid athletic muscle.

The Uppsala players did in fact turn out to be extremely muscle bound, but they were no match on the field. My roommate and fellow American, Mark, sealed the game with 4 rushing touchdowns.

Upon returning to the states I begged Dennis to complete his research and book on what we are calling the, “14-Day Muscle Mass” system. I told him that I get hundreds of emails every day from hard gainers that could use this information and I would be honored if we would allow me to publish this piece of work on

The challenge is how to get muscle mass & strength growing in an explosive way quickly and, with a minimal accumulation of body fat. Can it be done? Yes, with a bold approach. Put aside your ideas of conventional eating and training and dare to go with me on a bold journey to startling increases in both muscle mass and strength with very little fat accumulation.

Expect To Gain 5-6 LBS of Muscle in 2 Weeks
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To A Stronger More Muscular You,

Mike Westerdal, CPT, HCT, RKC

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